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Larone Crafts brings Filipino fibers to NY Now

The Philippines has been known for decades for its incredible library of natural fibers – from abaca and banana to piña, sisal, hemp and a host of others.  Even in the face of 21st century technology, these natural fibers are gaining renewed interest for their biodegradable qualities, as well as their inherent durability. Larone Crafts, a Filipino artisan business traveling to Artisan Resource @ NY Now this August, specializes in inventive, handmade uses of these fibers.

Larone started in 1984 with materials like snake and frog skins, which they crafted into handbags finished with a wide range of colors and textures. Soon they branched out into the weaving of natural fibers, aften ornamented with other natural materials such as sea shells, coconut shells, and soft woods.  Proud of their vast network of natural material suppliers, the beauty of Larone’s products lies in their exploration of these design ingredients.

“Yes, we have the vision to experiment, but we also have the operational capacity to satisfy our customers in the US, Europe and Japan,” says Jennifer Lo, general manager of Larone Crafts. “We need both things to compete in home and fashion – to establish ourselves as a resource for interesting and worthwhile product.  There’s lot of heart that goes into our weaving, designing, and production. It’s not just an assembly line that’s going on like a factory,” describes Lo.

Larone will being an array of handwoven goods to New York this summer, including bi- and tri-colored woven placemats and tabletop goods rendered in lighthearted colors, as well as a representation of their fashion accessories assortment.

For more information, visit Larone Crafts at their booth at Artisan Resource @ NY Now, and see



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