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Eco Tasar

The craftsmanship behind Eco Tasar is nothing short of exquisite. Khitish-Pandya, who works on behalf of this organization describes the organization: “It is the expression of simplicity, purity, and of the values of nature; it is addressed to all those who understand the meaning of true style… a style that marries ethics, aesthetics, and quality.” 

On August 19-21 2012 at the New York International Gift Fair®, Eco Tasar will be a featured exhibitor at Artisan Resource™, a venue for overseas artisan organizations which offers attendees sourcing access to high quality handicrafts from across Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Central and South America. The show will be held at New York City’s Jacob Javits Center and Pier 92.

Eco Tasar will be showcasing their gorgeous scarves and stoles, which are primarily made out of 100% tasar and eri silk fabrics, along with their line of hand block prints. As an experienced exporter looking to widen its client base into for raw silk home and décor products into international markets, Eco Tasar is a perfect addition to Artisan Resource.
Eco Tasar demands of itself social accountability, love for nature, and respect for human traditions. The enterprise is based out of Bihar, India and truly 'walks the walk' with silk that is ethically sourced, hand spun, and woven, and that follows fair trade policies and sustainable harvesting practices. They are a part of a larger mission which first began as a livelihood promotion project by PRADAN, an NGO based out of India. PRADAN has been working with women living in remote forested villages throughout Jharkhand, one of India’s poorest states.

The mostly women artisans of EcoTasar are trained in the making of yarn from locally available silk cocoons. They currently sell the yarn to clusters of weavers in surrounding areas, and provide work for over 5900 rural silkworm rearers, 2,970 rural women yarn makers, and over 2500 weavers. Their fabrics are colored with 100% natural vegetable and/or Azo-free dyes. All products are made out of four different varieties of silk -- Mulberry, Tasar, Muga, and Eri – which are collectively harvested from silkworm rearers. The production of this fiber is a mainstay for many remote communities throughout India.
Eco Tasar never runs short on new developments. They are continuously training new spinners and weavers and as the demand for woven products increases, they are able to employ more full-time embroiderers and sales representatives. Production facilities are also expanding, and they are now able to produce over 350,000 meters of pure silk from hand spun and reeled yarn annually. If you find yourself in New York this coming August, make sure to stop by.
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