Joyful Soul

Michelle Mischkulnig plays with texture and color
I have been a textile artist “forever”who uses the sewing machine, color and texture to tell a story. I use free motion machine embroidery techniques to draw these elements together, the end result fills my (and hopefully others) soul with joy.
“Alegria color for the soul”
Inspired by places I have been, the colors, the textures, the emotion, places I wish to visit. Needing to feel their rhythm, drawn to their conversation, and enthralled by their color and texture. It is the everyday that holds the beauty and inspiration, watching the seasons change, listening and laughing with friends and family, the roar of the ocean. I hope to convey the color and movement; how I respond emotionally to these experiences. My textile artwork is not an accurate or literal depiction, it is how I feel it in my heart, how I am moved, what makes me smile. All my textile artwork comes from my heart, head and hand.
When I am creating, I love to use hand dyed fibres and silks, found objects and collected treasures. I layer, tear, fold, stitch, paint, allowing my sewing machine to dance across the surface and pull all the elements together. 
Most often the initial design idea I have started with is not where I finish. I find the spontaneity of working with textiles mesmerizing, a simple drape, or fold of fabric, can send me off in a new direction. The way fabric tears or paper folds, gold buff illuminates can change the whole perspective on the original idea. I do not like to procrastinate over color or perfection. Color is intuitive for me. I don’t teach color but will guide with color. I believe that if it doesn’t work you can stitch or paint over it. Textiles are forgiving. I will never search for the perfect stitch length or even color because life is not perfect. 
Why do we stress over our art works to be perfect? Life is a rhythm of ups and downs, patterns of joy and sadness, of hope and new beginnings. What you create should not have to fit into rules and expectations, it should tell your story and speak to the viewer.
I have a passion for the garden, leaves, the beach and old city doors. All of which tell stories and hold strength and secrets.
I recently started teaching with the goal to inspire my students to make them passionate with the use of color and texture. I hope to introduce my students to new materials and techniques and watch them grasp these possibilities and make them theirs. I want them to hold this possibility tight in their hands, head and heart and allow it to grow.
My favorite quote, which is painted on my sewing room wall, is taken for a book by Roald Dahl––a British novelist and poet–– and I strongly believe in is message. I will share it with you in the hope that you carry into your creative life.
“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.” 


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