Guatemalan Genuis

Elevating Female Artisans and Upcycling
Two brilliant and fiercely Guatemalan women Cecilia Diaz and Andrea Segorvia collaborate with regional artisans in an ingenious pursuit. They turn recycled plastic into woven accessories, such as structured handbags and colorful yoga mats. While Guatemala serves as a culturally rich bridge between North and South America, Fibra is the bridge between modern aesthetics and sustainable work for female artisans whose work supports their family and communities.
“Our products are 100% handwoven by Guatemalan artisans.  We work with strategic allies who recycle HDPE exclusively for FIBRA and produce the plastic threads with which we weave our products.  No machines are involved,” Cecilia tells us. “Our plastic woven collection is inspired in the local and colorful Mercado baskets, done by artisans for generations.  We brought innovation to these techniques, using recycled threads.  Wooden shapes are used to create our different designs, yet our products are 100% handmade.”
Fibra employs more than 300 women from the highlands regions, and the company expresses a wish to do more than provide income from skilled jobs like plastic bag weaving. The brand has expressed hope to reach out to communities with sex education, economics, and more. Cecilia’s passion is evident in her glimpse into their future.
“We envision FIBRA by LAMULTICOLOR as a sustainable design firm, promptly recognized for its work by bringing sustainable solutions to the plastic pollution problem that affects our interconnected planet.  Our geographic location is strategic nowadays, being located in Guatemala and serving as a cultural bridge between South and North America.  We want the world to see our brand as an opportunity to being part of the change by inventing sustainable cycles and reducing HDPE waste.”
Of long-term transformation, she says, “We hope to impact as many artisan women and their families in Guatemala, socially talking by giving them work and a constant income.  And would love to see people from all over the region giving new value to HDPE plastic and not throwing it in the garbage but using these bottles as a way to get money from selling or recycling them, in opposition to throwing them away and helping us to drawn in plastic, sooner or later.
FIBRA products are made with 97% post-consumer recycled HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) plastic.  We will be launching our Spring-Summer collection 2019 and our new line of sustainable design backpacks.”
Fibra’s innovative collection and accessories will be exhibited for potential buyers at NY NOW’s Artisan Resource February 3-6 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City.
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