A Greater Meaning

Fashion with a mission
Former model, fashion blogger, TV host and founder of the Peru-based fashion brand Philomena Micaela Llosa has taken the prettiness of fashion to a different level: a community service project with the aim to preserve and showcase traditional weaving techniques.
In an email to HAND/EYE Online, Llosa explained that Philomena is also a response to “imbue our work—and ultimately, our lifestyle—with greater meaning and an underlying purpose. Those of us who work at the company believe in the value of processes done by hand. We believe in dedication and things forged over time. Above all, we believe in preserving our cultural heritage, like the country of artisans that we are, and that we have been since pre-Incan times.”
The company works with a number of workers’ cooperatives in several locations in Peru that use weaving and embroidery techniques that have been handed down generation-by-generation. “It is fair to say that our artisans are the ones who teaches us about our heritage. They have learned the techniques from their mothers and grandmothers and have developed unique skills using the pedal loom and with hand knitwork,” Llosa wrote. Working with the various artisans has brought a tremendous amount of satisfaction to Llosa and her team as they travel throughout Peru. Via the close work they do with the artisans, they’re able to experience the different cultures, which provides them with a different perspective on life.  
This month, Llosa and Philomena will be exhibiting at NY NOW’s Artisan Resource from August 12 through August 15 at the Jacobe Javits Center in New York City. They will be showing their current alpaca ponchos made in Callejón of Conchucos that were woven with a pedal loom, as well as their hand-knitted sheep bags made in Chacas, handmade pompons, and Valgo un Perú bags.
To learn more and where to purchase visit www.philomenaperu.com.


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