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Nomi Network Creates Jobs

When Nomi reached the age of five, she was sold by her mother to Cambodian sex traffickers. Three years later, she was rescued. As a survivor, Nomi is forever affected and will likely live the rest of her life in a shelter for survivors. Despite her difficult early years in life, Nomi is a bright and energetic spirit.

Human trafficking is a $99+ billion a year industry, the second most profitable industry in the world—only  behind international weapons trading, and ranks higher than international drug trade!  It is estimated that over 32 million people around the world are currently  held in modern-day slavery. It is everywhere, from Thailand to India to NYC and I-95.

As a tribute to this young girl,  Nomi Network was formed as non-profit organization dedicated to creating jobs for women who were rescued and/or currently at risk from sex trafficking. The company was co-founded in 2009, by Diana Mao, Alissa Moore and Supei Liu.

The founders and their partners work to empower and protect surviving and at-risk women of sex trafficking specifically in Cambodia and India to create sustainable job and educational opportunities that otherwise don't exist in the fashion industry. Nomi Network trains survivors and women at risk, and enables them to create beautiful handmade products that are sold on the global marketplace.

Among the many featured products available online, The Buy Her Bag Not Her Body is a line of fair-trade handbags and accessories that include iPad sleeves, laptop sleeves, wallets, cosmetic bags, etc), handmade from recycled rice & fish feed bags by the women in NOMI’s Global Initiative, with 100% of profits going right back into training and career development programs.  Additionally, the Madhubani collection from India includes organic cotton tee shirts, and organic cotton/canvas pillow cases.

As part of the training initiatives, Nomi teaches women how to open their own savings account, establish trade and leadership skills, and become financially independent so they never again vulnerable to sex trafficking. When women have options, it is a complete game changer for themselves, their families, and their entire community. When consumers purchase Nomi Network products, they support an ethical supply chain, and help to sustain employment for hundreds of women on the other side of the globe who have survived the unthinkable.

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