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El Dorado Arts Unites Ingenuity and Enterprise
Colombian artisans find an online home in El Dorado Arts. This brand vests them with the opportunity to bring ancestral skill and creativity to the conscientious consumers of today’s international market. The extrinsic style of their handmade products has caught the attention of designers around the world, and the platform is one that weds love of tradition and smart business. 
We at Hand/Eye had the luxury of speaking via email with Project Director Juan Rivera Bustos. He told us more about the grit and vision behind the El Dorado Arts brand. “Way before we launch our brand we were so inspired by our culture, So rich yet so unexplored. We embarked on an exciting journey to find and promote one of a kind pieces, creations with unique designs and we discovered unexplored and forgotten ancestral and artisanal techniques that drove us to our goals and inspiration. 
We work directly with artisans from indigenous communities and represent and promote artist that work with different communities empowering artisans to become entrepreneurs by helping they’re capacity to build local business and promote ethical fair-trade, seeking greater socioeconomic wellbeing in their communities, especially indigenous ones.
After a fifty plus year war that kept communities apart across the country, now it’s possible for them to speak and reconnect with the world allowing us to make this “utopia” a real project.”
Of their successes and struggles, Bustos shared, “Running a handcraft business is surely not an easy thing but totally worth it. Artisans work on a very different/slow rhythm and there is something really special about it. Our product selection represents a variety of techniques passed on by generations that have evolved by the cultural and fashion standards. 
And many times, it’s like you’re in a time machine, one day you are in the middle of the jungle with an indigenous community that lives like its 200 years ago and the next day you are setting up a booth to show they’re work on one of the biggest cities in the world, making NYNOW one of our biggest success.
This is our first time at Artisan Resource and we are very excited to show our wide variety of artisan work!”
We can expect to experience sumptuous leather hammocks, extraordinary raw emeralds, and embroidered pieces. All of them handcrafted by indigenous talent, each design evoking rich landscapes and tradition that begs respect and prevalence in today’s design narrative. 
“We represent varied brands, designers, artist and artisans so to talk about one collection wouldn’t be possible. What we do have in common while making our curated selection is to look for designs that are really close to earth but at the time vibrant, striking and with a conscious message.
It is very important for us to help our artist understand how the international market works and how to meet their standards. and standards. We support, sell, promote their work and in some cases, we feature mini collections,” the project director qualifies. 
“We are an online store and we do small venues and trunk shows. Our brand also collaborates with artist and connects them to other artist and encourage them to collaborate creating a local network of artist, designers and artisans.
For example, we are working on a collection with one of our allied brands incorporating another indigenous artisan we represent. This way we help their community by providing jobs.
The founders of this company are myself and my partner Juan Pablo Gomez. Together we have worked on creating this collective or artist, designers and artisans in hopes of showing their talent to a global market. "Think global, act local".”
Buyers can experience El Dorado Arts at NY NOW’s Artisan Resource February 4-7 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. 
For more information and to buy products, please visit: or check them out on Instagram for information on their pop-up shops


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