Mystical Mojo

There’s a mystical mojo to Wakami and how they view the world and people. The company’s philosophy is that “when people are connected with their dreams and are given an opportunity, they rise to the occasion to make their dreams reality. Our outlook stands behind the adventure of living life to the fullest, bringing positivity to the world and sharing it with others,” said Lissette Cuadra, marketing manager at Wakami.

Positivity and turning dreams became a reality when a little over a decade Maria Pacheco founded Kiej de los Bosques S.A. with the aim to connect rural villages with local markets. The program’s success led Pacheco to create opportunities in other countries. Ultimately that led to the creation of Wakami— a social brand with the purpose to generate income for Guatemalan men and women, living in rural area.

Wakami’s group of designers and artisans create some items ranging from woven textiles that are inspired by the Mayan huipiles of Guatemala. The collection includes tote and pouch bags and clutches. Other items include jewelry as well as the Wakami’s iconic Earth Bracelet—that tells the story of how the world was created, seven strands equals seven days. Each band has a unique combination of colors, charms, beads and decorative knot work, allowing you to find a symbolic meaning in each one. And if you want some punch with your jewelry, Wakami also offers its own blend of coffee!

Wakami tackles the creative process from concept to finished product with the outlook that everyone is born with a creative flair.  “Our Senior Designer, Lis Giron’s inspiration comes from a mixture of her inner child and the mystical people of the indigenous communities she works with. There is something magical in the rural communities that connect her with her inner soul, which is where she believes her creativity comes from. She loves to combine fashion trends with ancestral techniques from the Guatemalan rural communities. The creative process usually starts with Lis participating in different international shows to get an update on the fashion trends. After this, there is an internal overview with Wakami on ideas for inspiration and Lis builds up the first draft pieces incorporating both elements. She works with a team of five creatives to build and develop the unique pieces. Then these go through three rounds of feedback from stakeholders including the Wakami team, clients, designer friends until arriving at final versions. These final versions are taught to artisans through training to start production. Production has several steps of quality control to ensure compliance with our global market needs and once all processes are polished, Wakami is ready to commercialize worldwide,” said Cuadra.

Wakami will be attending Artisan Resource @NY NOW August 16-19 at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan. The company will exhibit several new collections including its redesigned Earth Bracelet, jewelry including bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, woven textiles, and for that pick-me-up—coffee!

The products, Cuadra says, “…messengers of the essence, culture, and stories of all human beings, so we -the people- can remember that our dreams can come to life. They tell stories of us. People of the Earth. It represents an urban, relaxed and in vogue lifestyle and encourages people to connect with themselves, with one another...with the Earth!”

For more information, please visit www.wakami.com.



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