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Ximena Rozo Integrates Narrative and Aesthetics
Some might call Ximena Rozo a maverick- this fiercely creative and prolific woman whose company bears her name. With fifteen US patents in aircraft design for the Boeing 787 in her storied portfolio, she wanted to invest in Latino artisans. She qualifies this transition by declaring it’s not such a strange new chapter in her life after all. “I am an industrial designer and an entrepreneur. My work spans a broad spectrum, from designing interior details of the Boeing 787 passenger cabin for me design home textiles and home furnishings is not a transition from industrial design it is an application of Industrial design.”
“I feel Inspired by traditional transient societies (nomads), masters of the techniques of moving and packing efficiently, at my studio Ximena Rozo Design I strive to bring furniture and home accessories to the market that are not only portable and unpredictable, but also that enrich the life of the urban dweller, who is driven by innovative lifestyles and imaginative scenarios. People tend to move, and when they do, they establish new territory.  This behavior influences the way mobile urbanites interact with their physical world. The focus of my designs is functionality, tactile qualities, and high-quality materials to create permanence rather than disposability. Products are designed to be easy-to-pack and easy-to-transport, with an emphasis on designs as vessels for emotional connections.”
This is the telling warp and weft of Ximena Rozo Design. The company’s previous work with The Hilo Sagrado Foundation, an organization that promotes Latin American heritage and female empowerment, aligns perfectly with Rozo’s goals.   Her company and its artisans create sumptuous home textiles that challenge conventions of uniformity and perceptions of how to fuse tradition and modern values. We live in a transitory society; our story constantly evolves. Rozo is more the author of “ready-to-go”  than rebel. The open dialogue between native artisans and Rozo emboldens a serenity in their textiles that promises the buyer will feel at home anywhere. 
Ximena takes a straight forward approach to design and process. “I am very interested in weaving, particularly in basketry, because by making baskets a weaver transforms two-dimensional materials into three-dimensional objects using fibers and then by combing weaving pattern and techniques they create a structural tridimensional shape. So, forms evolve from 2D to 3D. My design approach emphasizes color vibrancy and rich tactile qualities, realized in unconventional forms to establish emotional connections thus fostering permanence rather than disposability. We used the rich cultural and creative heritage of indigenous Latin American communities as a means of fostering their economic and social development.”
Buyers will be rewarded with what Ximena describes as, “A new line of textiles that combine contemporary styling with artisan production to deliver a unique brand with luxury appeal. 
Our customers value, uniqueness, authenticity, and quality. They like to mix functional and modern with objects that tell stories. Home 2017 by Ximena Rozo Design is a smart collection that reflects Ximena’s passion for exceptional design with a social impact.”
This expressive collection will be exhibited for potential buyers at NY NOW’s Artisan Resource August 20-23 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. 
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