HAND/EYE Fund Overview

 The HAND/EYE Fund supports skilled artisans in their struggle to earn decent livelihoods through preservation of ancient traditions, innovation of new ones, exploration of new markets, and educating the consuming public about the cultural and economic importance of their work.

Humankind's design DNA is in great danger in this age of mass production and globalized uniformity.  HAND/EYE Fund is committed to addressing this challenge through its support of artisans worldwide.
HAND/EYE Fund supports artisans in the following ways:
• Production and distribution of HAND/EYE Magazine, an international print and online publication which explores the nexus between design and development, culture and commerce, art and craft, and environment and ethics. HAND/EYE’s goal is to engender intelligent debate among artisans, exporters, designers, artists, wholesalers and importers, retailers, and consumers so that all may make smart, ethical, and inspired decisions about their activities. Proceeds from subscriptions and advertising support the other work of the Fund.
• Creation of other HAND/EYE informational vehicles such as books, documentaries, exhibits, etc., all of which would create greater knowledge and awareness of artisan traditions and innovations.
• Through the HAND/EYE Fund Artisan Grants program, the Fund will award small, one-time cash grants to artisan cooperatives around the world who express a need for a one-time investment for equipment, training, or other basic needs. Applications will be reviewed by an all-volunteer committee, and monies are distributed quickly after successful review. 
• The HAND/EYE Fund Artisan Grants program will also create longer term relationships with promising small artisan businesses, which will link volunteer mentorship on business topics identified by the artisan business with medium-scale financial investments.